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Q: What does OPC stand for?
A: Order of Protective Custody

Q: Why is the Coroner’s Office involved in issuing an Order of Protective Custody?
A: As stated in Louisiana Revised Statute 25:53.2, any Parish Coroner may order a person to be taken into protective custody and transported to a treatment facility.

Q: Can an OPC be done at home, over the phone, via fax or email?
A: No, it must be done at the Coroner’s office by the person who has witnessed the recent behavior


Q: Can an OPC be done anytime at the Coroner’s Office?
A: No, only during normal business hours, Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Q: Can anyone complete an OPC?
A: An OPC can be completed by anyone who has witnessed the recent behavior of the person in question

Q: What criteria does one have to meet in order for an OPC to be issued?
A: A person has to be unwilling or unable to seek voluntary admission, be a danger to self or others (including acts or threats), be gravely disabled, suffering from substance abuse that leads to previously stated criteria, or observation leading to the conclusion that the person is mentally ill

Q: When does an OPC expire?
A: An OPC expires 72 hours from its issued date and time or upon completion of the transport to the treatment facility. A person can only be picked up once per OPC.

Q: Does an OPC guarantee commitment or placement into a mental health or treatment facility?
A: No, the OPC will only allow for the examination of the patient. The patient can be admitted or discharged based on the examination findings.

Q: Will I be notified once the OPC transport is completed?
A: You will not be notified of the transport.

Q: Will I be notified by the hospital of the status of the person on the OPC?
A: Not necessarily. You may contact the staff at the hospital where the person is transported to or you may go to the hospital to speak with the staff in person.

Q: Is the OPC public record?
A: Yes, it is a public record.

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