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Louisiana Revised Statutes: Coroner

Election of Coroner

Conservator of the Peace

Coroner Qualifications

Deputy Coroners and Staffing

Coroner's Fees

Expert Fees

Expert Witness



Louisiana Revised Statutes: Death Investigation

Notification of Death

Coroner's Cases

Notification of Next of Kin

Release of Body and Organ Donation


Personal Effects

Execution of Writs and Orders

Coroner's Laboratory

Forensic Laboratory

Regional Forensic Science Center

Coroner's Operational Fund


Louisiana Revised Statutes: Mental Health

Mental Health Definitions

Admission by Relative

Voluntary Commitment

Informal Voluntary Admission

Formal Voluntary Admission

Noncontested Admission

Order of Protective Custody

Order of Protective Custody of a Minor

Protective Custody without Court Order

Examination of Minor for Order of Protective Custody

Judicial Commitment

Judicial Commitment of a Minor Application

Judicial Hearing

Judicial Commitment Review and Appeal

Emergency Certificate Admission

Emergency Certificate Admission of a Minor

Emergency Certificate of a Minor

Coroner Independent Exam of a Minor

Coroner's Fees for Minor Exam

Authority to Transport and Detain Minor

Notice of Admission of a Minor

Commitment Standard of Care

Inpatient Mental Health Facilities


Louisiana Revised Statutes: Burial and Funeral Home Law

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